Sagar Anisingaraju

Based out of San Jose, California, Sagar Anisingaraju currently works as Chief Strategy Officer at Saama Technologies, USA. He was born in Visakhapatnam, India. He did his Bachelor’s in Engineering at Andhra University and Master’s at IIT Kanpur. After an early stint in mathematical font design systems at CMC Ltd., Sagar immigrated to the USA in 1995.

Sagar’s professional passion is helping pharma and biotech companies create analytical solutions with advances in technology and artificial intelligence to solve the business challenges around clinical trials, drug discovery, and development.

Sagar’s personal passions revolve around creative writing and gameplay. His innovations include the creation and conduct of word- and content-formation games in multiple languages using technology and language tools. His works are published as Game Books under the brand Kokkoroko and are played daily in social media groups.

Kuchela.AI is Sagar’s first fictional work. It emerged out of his belief and passion that advances in artificial intelligence have a significant role to play in improving human productivity across all walks of life. He has chosen a fictional backdrop to explain the basics of artificial intelligence in the simplest of terms. Sagar is committed to helping the youth learn the concepts and advances explained in this book to build App platforms such as Kuchela.AI to create social benefits across the world.