Prasad Chaganti

Based out of Hyderabad, India, Prasad Chaganti currently works as Chief Manager at State Bank of India. He was born in Amalapuram, India. He did his Master’s in Commerce at Nagpur University.

Daily interactions with customers at work, their life stories, the influence of several authors, and passion for literature led Prasad to start writing his works.

His first book titled “Aa Paatha Madhuralu,” a nostalgic recollection of childhood memories, was well acclaimed and published in 2017. His short stories were published and won awards in several Telugu magazines and newspapers, including Swati, Saakshi, Chandamama, Velugu, Prajasakthi, and others.

Prasad’s passion for native Konaseema area where he was born and a unique storytelling capability to show human values and culture in a simple to understand Telugu language is exemplified and penned in his upcoming book ‘Kona Seema Kadhalu.’ His religious under pinning’s, belief in Lord Shiva, and the power of the almighty were explained in several of his short stories and essays. A collection of them is being published under ‘Shivaarpanam.’

Prasad co-authored with Sagar Anisingaraju for Kuchela.AI in Telugu language, out of his belief that technology’s real benefits are realized only when they are scaled to the underprivileged across all walks of life.